Shoulder Pads – Are they that bad?

So I recently slammed Marc Jacobs for incorporating shoulder pads into his Fall 09.  I’m sure he has really lost sleep over my review.  Anyway, after seeing this pic on the Sartorialist they don’t look, well, all that bad.  Perhaps it just the look of the overall jacket and the fact the woman is wearing a fitted jacket, versus a bulky wool coat.  Or maybe its just because they’re French? Those damn Parisians may hate Americans, but they sure know how to make things look good.  Gotta love the leather pants. I think I’m warming up to this look.  What do you think? Am I crazy?



One response to “Shoulder Pads – Are they that bad?

  1. I dont know if i could ever wear shoulder pads on the basis that I’ve grown up thinking they were disgusting and on par with mom jeans. Our mothers always tell us that everything comes back into style. I’d hate to admit that they’re right.

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