I Want You to Vote!

I can be very indecisivie at times.  Right now its one of those times. Before I go off investing in a handbag, I usually try to ensure its exactly what I want. Since 1. they are expensive and I’ll be hanging onto them for hopefully a few seasons, and 2. I’ll be using it on quite a regular basis so I don’t want that constant guilty feeling lingering of, “should I have bought that?”

I’m in desperate, and I mean desperate, need of a new black handbag.  And after some serious hours dedicated to Internet research, I’ve come to two possible candidates.  What are your thoughts? I need something classic that I can wear both to work and on the weekends.

I liked the fact that the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag has an optional hook for a  shoulder strap.  If you haven’t noticed, shoulder straps are quite in this seasons, and not to mention they are one of a the few trends that are actually functional! To think they consider making our everyday lives a little easier! Thanks Rebecca.  The downside, the bag doesn’t come with the strap so I have to buy it on her site. That is a little cheap!

I came across the Botkier bag today and immediately loved it! I love bags with a little fringe, but no too much like the flower child bag Serena sported during season 1 of Gossip Girl.  The fringe is somewhat reminescent of a Balenciaga city bag, which is my ALL TIME FAVORITE handbag.  If I won the lottery tomorrow, it would be my first purchase. Which I thought used to be called the motorcycle? What’s up with that? I’ve been following this bag for years and I know they’ve changed their name!

Please vote!


5 responses to “I Want You to Vote!

  1. i thought it was called the motorcycle too – what happened?

    I voted for the morning after. I think the fringe trend might pass, although I like the texture of botkier’s leather a little bit better. decisions, decisions…

  2. Yeah what is up with that? I’m glad you noticed too. You just can’t change the name of a popular “it” bag.

  3. I have to say that I did not vote for the Botkier due to the fact that I am planning on getting it…soooo we obviously can’t have the same handbag! Also, what about the new bag you bought in Paris?

  4. Haha, clearly we need to be spending more time together!

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