Cheaper than Gilt Groupe

I’ve been following W A L T E R for quite some time.  I’ve always noticed his looks on the pages of magazines like Lucky, but could never find him in store.  Mr. Walter Baker designs for the girl who needs to transition her outfit from day to night, which is perfect for the 20something girl on the go!

This past fall, I took a trip to the West Coast and paid a visit to Dillards for the very first time. This was also the first time I got to see W A L T E R up close and personal. I must say this guy is pretty hard to find.  He could really use some Search Engine Optimization!  The only major dept. that seems to carry his stuff is Dillards. If I google “WALTER” for his website, nothing comes up, and very few online boutiques pay for the keyword Walter in their online ads. Be sure to google “Walter, clothing.”

So after much searching I found his real name is Walter Baker, and his website is named after him,  The store locator on his website showed only a few boutiques outside Boston and Boston-based boutique chain Jasmine Sola. Which I might add, went out of business about a year ago due to the fact they were bought out by Lerner’s NY and it came out Jasmine’s dirty old founder harassed his young retail girls.

The largest Walter Baker supply I’ve seen thus far is on Gilt, and I’ve been pretty apprehensive to buy since I like knowing how a designer fits. And if you shop at Gilt you know its store credit only.  But I still get pretty excited when I come across his sales on Gilt.

I immediately fell in love with his yellow tiered ruffle dress at Gilt’s fall sale, but of course it sold out before I could get my hands on it.  I noticed Jessica Szohr rocking the tiered rose tank version in US Magazine last summer.

So at this point you’re probably wondering where I was able to find W A L T E R at a cheaper price than Gilt, since their website is already sample sale price.  Well none other than my favorite discount shopping haven, Filene’s Basement.    I took a trip to the Newton, MA FB with my mother in the hopes of finding some Spring deals when I came across the W A L T E R goods. Hey, not everyone can always shop at Barney’s! We’re in a recession people!

Anyway, I was eyeing a couple of his items on Gilt, but per the usual they ran out of my size 10 min into the sale. What’s up with that? Do woman immediately sign on at noon? I don’t get it! Aren’t people at work?

This afternoon I was able to get the green shirt dress I desperately wanted for more than half the price of Gilt.  The W A L T E R original is marked at $330, the Gilt price, $108, Filene’s Basement $49.99.  Oh how I love saving money.  If you have an FB near you, check it out to see if W A L T E R is in store. His stuff is really adorable and well made.  All of these items,which were listed on the Gilt site this week, were at FB for $49.99.  I’m just so glad I don’t have to wait for my green dress to come off theGilt wait list.  Just want to point out his green looks mint online, but its more Kelly green in person.

My dress:


I almost bought this on Gilt, and good thing I didn’t because it fit me funny! But I love the color!!




Really wanted this skirt, but it sold out on Gilt and it wasn’t at FB. I’m on the waiting list.



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