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Current Cravings: Tolani Scarfs

I haven’t really broken into the whole scarf trend, but I’m loving these Tolani scarfs imported from India.  They’ve been seen on celebs from Jessica Alba, Leighton Meester, and Vanessa Minnillo.  I love the Missioni-esque print.

vanessa-scarfYou can purchase them at Stefani Bags.



Currently Channeling: Michelle Obama Pearl Necklaces

Earlier this week I posted photos of Mrs. O on the scene at the G20 Summit.  Of course the 1st lady wouldn’t be seen across the pond without her faithful double-strand pearls.  Channeling the ever-classic Jackie O, Michelle has made the multi-strand pearl necklace the centerpiece of her jewelry collection.  From the first days of her campaigning, Michelle was compared to the other Mrs. O on several levels from their similarities with style, class, grace, and overall magnetism.

Inspired by Michelle Obama’s classic look, I broke out my own multi-strand pearl necklace this week.  Mine’s a triple-strand because you know as Roberto Cavalli always says, “more is more!”  Well in this case I don’t think he’d ever use that saying in reference pearls.  He is more of a leopard print and gold chains kind of guy.

Speaking of More is More, Michelle Obama captured the very essence of the Animal Print King’s mantra when she hit a night on the town for her first black tie event at the White House.   Michelle broke out in a dramatic multi-strand (faux) pearl and crystal necklace by Tom Binns at the Governor’s Ball this past February.  Tom Binn’s interlaced pearl and diamante necklaces is appropriately named “Pearls in Pearl.”

In Peter Soronen with Tom Binns "Pearlsof Pearl" at the Obama's first White House black tie dinner

Michelle wears Peter Soronen with Tom Binns "Pearls of Pearl" necklace at the Obama's first White House black tie dinner.

$1,145 Tom Binns "Pearls of Pearl" necklace.

$1,145 Tom Binns "Pearls of Pearl" necklace.

Here are some other fun takes on the classic pearl necklace.

$205 -Ben Amun Glass Pearl and Austrian Crystal

$205 -Ben Amun Glass Pearl and Austrian Crystal

$425 - Ben Amun - Glass Pearl with Swarovski Crystal Broch and Resin Ribbon

$425 - Ben Amun - Glass Pearl with Swarovski Crystal Broch and Resin Ribbon

And for the recessionista a pair of faux Tahitian pearls:

$69 - Spiegal Faux Black Pearls

$69 - Spiegal Faux Black Pearls

I Want You to Vote!

I can be very indecisivie at times.  Right now its one of those times. Before I go off investing in a handbag, I usually try to ensure its exactly what I want. Since 1. they are expensive and I’ll be hanging onto them for hopefully a few seasons, and 2. I’ll be using it on quite a regular basis so I don’t want that constant guilty feeling lingering of, “should I have bought that?”

I’m in desperate, and I mean desperate, need of a new black handbag.  And after some serious hours dedicated to Internet research, I’ve come to two possible candidates.  What are your thoughts? I need something classic that I can wear both to work and on the weekends.

I liked the fact that the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag has an optional hook for a  shoulder strap.  If you haven’t noticed, shoulder straps are quite in this seasons, and not to mention they are one of a the few trends that are actually functional! To think they consider making our everyday lives a little easier! Thanks Rebecca.  The downside, the bag doesn’t come with the strap so I have to buy it on her site. That is a little cheap!

I came across the Botkier bag today and immediately loved it! I love bags with a little fringe, but no too much like the flower child bag Serena sported during season 1 of Gossip Girl.  The fringe is somewhat reminescent of a Balenciaga city bag, which is my ALL TIME FAVORITE handbag.  If I won the lottery tomorrow, it would be my first purchase. Which I thought used to be called the motorcycle? What’s up with that? I’ve been following this bag for years and I know they’ve changed their name!

Please vote!

Blair Waldorf Trend Alert: Berets

The Blair Beret

The Blair Beret

Looks like Blair Waldorf is bringing us a new hair accessory for the winter months.  The beret! Oh, and yes that is Blair and Nate kissing.  A little sneak peek into Monday’s upcoming episode.  Hey Nate – Where’s Vanessa?

Berets are absolutely adorable, but sometimes hard to pull off.  Tilting to one side is a must!  Obviously they are of French origin,  and as we all know the French know what they are doing when it comes to fashion.  Berets bring just the right look of girly, yet sophisticated.

Spiegel at ShopStyle

Headbands: From Little Girl to Grown Up

Blair Waldorf Headband

Blair Waldorf Wedding Style Complete with Headband

Thanks to Blair Waldorf I’ve been able to resurrect my headband collection. Ms. Waldorf has taken the girly look to a whole new mainstream level; from little girl to grown up. It is has suddenly become acceptable to wear these fashions to the office or out at night without looking too “little girly”. My most favorite and cherished headband of all time is my wide Burberry plaid that I picked up at the outlet center years ago for $30. Today, they are priced at upwards to $100 and they are not nearly as wide as mine from a couple of years ago.

The great benefit about headbands is that they can really jazz up any plain-ole outfit. For example, take  a plain black  dress, add a headband, some cute accessories, and it evolves into a whole new look.

Jennifer Ouellette is definitely the leading designer when it comes to headbands. You can often find her looks featured on Gossip Girl.  It seems as if other retailers are taking a queue from this GG look as well.  Even hoewear clubwear retailer, BeBe, is getting in on the mix.

The most recent trend in headbands is the feather look.  Remember  the horrific dead bird feather  Carrie Bradshaw sported on her wedding day? Well like so many of her other looks, designers have been able to adapt Patricia Field’s wacky ideas into mainstream fashion.  Jennifer Ouellette’s bow feather headband is my favorite,  although very difficult to find. There were only two at Barney’s Boston, and I’m afraid I’ve missed my chance.

Jennifer Ouellette at ShopStyle