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Currently Channeling: Michelle Obama Pearl Necklaces

Earlier this week I posted photos of Mrs. O on the scene at the G20 Summit.  Of course the 1st lady wouldn’t be seen across the pond without her faithful double-strand pearls.  Channeling the ever-classic Jackie O, Michelle has made the multi-strand pearl necklace the centerpiece of her jewelry collection.  From the first days of her campaigning, Michelle was compared to the other Mrs. O on several levels from their similarities with style, class, grace, and overall magnetism.

Inspired by Michelle Obama’s classic look, I broke out my own multi-strand pearl necklace this week.  Mine’s a triple-strand because you know as Roberto Cavalli always says, “more is more!”  Well in this case I don’t think he’d ever use that saying in reference pearls.  He is more of a leopard print and gold chains kind of guy.

Speaking of More is More, Michelle Obama captured the very essence of the Animal Print King’s mantra when she hit a night on the town for her first black tie event at the White House.   Michelle broke out in a dramatic multi-strand (faux) pearl and crystal necklace by Tom Binns at the Governor’s Ball this past February.  Tom Binn’s interlaced pearl and diamante necklaces is appropriately named “Pearls in Pearl.”

In Peter Soronen with Tom Binns "Pearlsof Pearl" at the Obama's first White House black tie dinner

Michelle wears Peter Soronen with Tom Binns "Pearls of Pearl" necklace at the Obama's first White House black tie dinner.

$1,145 Tom Binns "Pearls of Pearl" necklace.

$1,145 Tom Binns "Pearls of Pearl" necklace.

Here are some other fun takes on the classic pearl necklace.

$205 -Ben Amun Glass Pearl and Austrian Crystal

$205 -Ben Amun Glass Pearl and Austrian Crystal

$425 - Ben Amun - Glass Pearl with Swarovski Crystal Broch and Resin Ribbon

$425 - Ben Amun - Glass Pearl with Swarovski Crystal Broch and Resin Ribbon

And for the recessionista a pair of faux Tahitian pearls:

$69 - Spiegal Faux Black Pearls

$69 - Spiegal Faux Black Pearls


Currently Channeling: Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion lost one its legendary icons  last summer when Yves Saint Laurent died of brain cancer .  As a budding prodigy, Saint Laurent took the helm of the French fashion house, Christian Dior, at the  age of 21 when the couturier suddenly passed away on vacation. Saint Laurent later went on to build his own eponymous brand that he controlled until 2002 when Gucci’s Tom Ford took over as creative director.

The late designer is known for invigorating the fashion world in the 60s and early 70s with his sense for shrewd style, exacting cut and flattering forms that embodied French chic at its best.  Credited with the concept of ready-to-wear with the launch of Rive Gauche in 1966, Yves also brought the fashion world lasting classics that have made their way onto runways season-after-season.  YSL legacies that have inspired the likes of Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg,  and Ralph Lauren.  Below is a sartorial reflection back into the looks that were shown to us first by Yves Saint Laurent.  Each look is accompanied by a Yves Saint Laurent look for less.

The Mondrian Shift


Safari Chic


Le Smoking