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Currently Channeling: Michelle Obama Pearl Necklaces

Earlier this week I posted photos of Mrs. O on the scene at the G20 Summit.  Of course the 1st lady wouldn’t be seen across the pond without her faithful double-strand pearls.  Channeling the ever-classic Jackie O, Michelle has made the multi-strand pearl necklace the centerpiece of her jewelry collection.  From the first days of her campaigning, Michelle was compared to the other Mrs. O on several levels from their similarities with style, class, grace, and overall magnetism.

Inspired by Michelle Obama’s classic look, I broke out my own multi-strand pearl necklace this week.  Mine’s a triple-strand because you know as Roberto Cavalli always says, “more is more!”  Well in this case I don’t think he’d ever use that saying in reference pearls.  He is more of a leopard print and gold chains kind of guy.

Speaking of More is More, Michelle Obama captured the very essence of the Animal Print King’s mantra when she hit a night on the town for her first black tie event at the White House.   Michelle broke out in a dramatic multi-strand (faux) pearl and crystal necklace by Tom Binns at the Governor’s Ball this past February.  Tom Binn’s interlaced pearl and diamante necklaces is appropriately named “Pearls in Pearl.”

In Peter Soronen with Tom Binns "Pearlsof Pearl" at the Obama's first White House black tie dinner

Michelle wears Peter Soronen with Tom Binns "Pearls of Pearl" necklace at the Obama's first White House black tie dinner.

$1,145 Tom Binns "Pearls of Pearl" necklace.

$1,145 Tom Binns "Pearls of Pearl" necklace.

Here are some other fun takes on the classic pearl necklace.

$205 -Ben Amun Glass Pearl and Austrian Crystal

$205 -Ben Amun Glass Pearl and Austrian Crystal

$425 - Ben Amun - Glass Pearl with Swarovski Crystal Broch and Resin Ribbon

$425 - Ben Amun - Glass Pearl with Swarovski Crystal Broch and Resin Ribbon

And for the recessionista a pair of faux Tahitian pearls:

$69 - Spiegal Faux Black Pearls

$69 - Spiegal Faux Black Pearls


The Cruelest April Fool’s Joke! Mrs.O Will Not Have a J.Crew Line

Today I had 3 different people send me news alerts at work saying, “look this is amazing!”  Only a couple min later to follow it up with, “never mind its an April’s Fool Joke.”   Well this was certainly the cruelest of all!  It was posted on one of my favorite anti-counterfeit blogs, Counterfeit Chic:

Mrs. O has now decided to stop fighting the public fascination with the First Family and instead channel that consumer behavior for the public good.  The result will be hundreds of official Obama products, including many that take advantage of Michelle’s status as a global fashion icon.  Fans of her style will be able to buy everything from a book of paper dolls tentatively entitled, Michelle Obama: The First Hundred Outfits, to reproductions of her most popular ensembles under her own “Right to Bare Arms” label, manufactured in cooperation with J.Crew.  (No unauthorized knockoffs, though — Counterfeit Chic is pleased to learn that the First Lady is currently negotiating with Narciso Rodriguez, Maria Cornejo, Isabel Toledo, and Jason Wu, among others, to pay licensing fees for their original designs.)

A J.Crew collboration with Mrs. O! Ugh too good to be true.  Speaking of which, Mrs. O apparently made a big splash in the UK today at the G20 summit.  Check out her essemble thus far on the Obama’s first trip abroad.  This is her coming out party, and needless to say Mrs. O did it in style.  I love that Michelle Obama is staying economically-minded with her choice in J.Crew.  Its no surprise that J.Crew’s crystal constellation cardigan is already sold out.  But you can still get the dazling-dots pencil skirt!

Michelle Obama rocks price tag friendly J.Crew.  You can get the Michelle O look too!

Michelle Obama rocks price tag friendly J.Crew. You can get the Michelle O look too!

Silk crepe dresk by Isabel Toledo

Silk crepe dress by Isabel Toledo

Yellow Silk sheath dress by Jason Wu paired with Michael Kors black duster.  Perfectly cinched with her Azzedine Alaia studded belt.  The International Fashion Icon is not afriad to recycle her favorite peices.

Yellow Silk sheath dress by Jason Wu paired with Michael Kors black duster. Perfectly cinched with her Azzedine Alaia studded belt. The International Fashion Icon is not afriad to recycle her favorite peices.

I Scooped the Belted IKAT Dress on Gilt!

So I often complain how my sizes are always sold out 10 min into Gilt Groupe sales.  I don’t know how this always happens? But apparently there are thousands of other women, just my size, with just my taste, waiting until the clock strikes 12 noon so they can logon to Gilt rapidly and scoop up all the things I like! Well today it was my turn! HA, take that Gilt Groupe stalkers!  I had my eye on this dress since they announced the sale last week.  It was the item featured in their preview picture, although today they changed it to some blue tunic. Don’t like that.  I find they usually feature the best item of the collection in the preview pic.


I love this dress and cannot wait for it to come in the mail!  Its part linen, which I usually do not purchase, so I hope it doesn’t get too wrinkly. I hate that look! Its the main reason why I never wear linen.  Tracy Reese is pretty high quality, so I expect the linen is higher end. It even looks pretty thick in the photos, which means it shouldn’t wrinkle too bad. The only problem with living in Boston means this dress won’t potentially see the light of day until May, more likely June. I think I may be able to pull it off with an oatmeal cardi within the next month or so. No?

tracy-reese-fronttracy-reese-side-viewImage Source: Revolve Clothing

Cheaper than Gilt Groupe

I’ve been following W A L T E R for quite some time.  I’ve always noticed his looks on the pages of magazines like Lucky, but could never find him in store.  Mr. Walter Baker designs for the girl who needs to transition her outfit from day to night, which is perfect for the 20something girl on the go!

This past fall, I took a trip to the West Coast and paid a visit to Dillards for the very first time. This was also the first time I got to see W A L T E R up close and personal. I must say this guy is pretty hard to find.  He could really use some Search Engine Optimization!  The only major dept. that seems to carry his stuff is Dillards. If I google “WALTER” for his website, nothing comes up, and very few online boutiques pay for the keyword Walter in their online ads. Be sure to google “Walter, clothing.”

So after much searching I found his real name is Walter Baker, and his website is named after him,  The store locator on his website showed only a few boutiques outside Boston and Boston-based boutique chain Jasmine Sola. Which I might add, went out of business about a year ago due to the fact they were bought out by Lerner’s NY and it came out Jasmine’s dirty old founder harassed his young retail girls.

The largest Walter Baker supply I’ve seen thus far is on Gilt, and I’ve been pretty apprehensive to buy since I like knowing how a designer fits. And if you shop at Gilt you know its store credit only.  But I still get pretty excited when I come across his sales on Gilt.

I immediately fell in love with his yellow tiered ruffle dress at Gilt’s fall sale, but of course it sold out before I could get my hands on it.  I noticed Jessica Szohr rocking the tiered rose tank version in US Magazine last summer.

So at this point you’re probably wondering where I was able to find W A L T E R at a cheaper price than Gilt, since their website is already sample sale price.  Well none other than my favorite discount shopping haven, Filene’s Basement.    I took a trip to the Newton, MA FB with my mother in the hopes of finding some Spring deals when I came across the W A L T E R goods. Hey, not everyone can always shop at Barney’s! We’re in a recession people!

Anyway, I was eyeing a couple of his items on Gilt, but per the usual they ran out of my size 10 min into the sale. What’s up with that? Do woman immediately sign on at noon? I don’t get it! Aren’t people at work?

This afternoon I was able to get the green shirt dress I desperately wanted for more than half the price of Gilt.  The W A L T E R original is marked at $330, the Gilt price, $108, Filene’s Basement $49.99.  Oh how I love saving money.  If you have an FB near you, check it out to see if W A L T E R is in store. His stuff is really adorable and well made.  All of these items,which were listed on the Gilt site this week, were at FB for $49.99.  I’m just so glad I don’t have to wait for my green dress to come off theGilt wait list.  Just want to point out his green looks mint online, but its more Kelly green in person.

My dress:


I almost bought this on Gilt, and good thing I didn’t because it fit me funny! But I love the color!!




Really wanted this skirt, but it sold out on Gilt and it wasn’t at FB. I’m on the waiting list.


Showdown of the Unflattering, Fashionable Pant

Harem Pant vs. Boyfriend Jean

Two very strange things are happening in the lower body region this Spring.  The fashion gods have once again rained down on us with not one, but two very unflattering pairs of pants that are marketed as this season’s front runners for lower extremity must haves.  These include:

1. The Harem Pant: Think I Dream of Jeanie.  They’re hammeresque, semi-drop crotch wonders.

2. The Boyfriend Jean: Think 90s grunge.  Ripped, baggy, washed out, and literally look like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s jeans.

Remember trapeze dresses, babydoll tops and high-waisted jeans?  Thanks to Jessica Simpson, that trend is now dead. Poor Jessica, she is not fat!   Just like the aforementioned fashions from seasons past, at first look these pants aren’t exactly body flattering, but with the right fit and proper accessorizing they can really work. But I can almost guarantee they’ll get so played out, we’ll be glad when they are gone, just like the other above styles. Can’t believe I wore trapeze dresses! They have no shape! Anyway, for the time being, these pants are very in and very right now.

Katie Holmes and a number of other celebrities were seen sporting the boyfriend jean this past fall, but the look wasn’t mass marketed till this spring when everyone from Current & Elliot to AX have adapted their own version. The boyfriend jean kind of reminds me of a variation I would’ve purchased a Abercrombie & Fitch freshman year of college.   You know, stone washed and ripped?  Most of the boyfriend jeans I’ve seen give you then no butt effect, which is why finding the perfect fit is essential.  I love that they can be styled with high heals, blazers and layered necklaces.  I probably would’ve wore my A&F jeans with some kind of cheeky, suggestive t-shirt. Oh how times have changed!

I’m having a bit harder time wrapping my head around the harem pants.  I think I was thrown off ever since I saw a model walk down the Ralph Lauren runway in gold, sequin harem pants.  Interesting but who is going to wear them?

The funny thing about these two looks is that I saw them on the streets of Florence about 4 1/2 years ago when I was studying abroad. Florence, unlike the high-fashion cities of Milan and Rome,  plays home to laid back style that transmits a Euro urban street chic.  Though those Italian boyfriend jeans weren’t exactly the same as this season’s (they had slightly more construction ), I do vividly remember harem pants being worn with gladiator sandals and tight tank tops.  Its all about proportion people! Have to balance those flowy pants out with something a little tighter on top.

I definately want to get myself a pair of the boyfriend jeans for summer.  However, I need to find the perfect pair thats not to baggy.  I love how this Milan woman wears them below.  If I could only find out the brand!

I still can’t make up my mind on Harem pants. I feel likes its one of those things I may look on from a far. I think they are too hard to fit, and is not worth trying to find the perfect pair when I’d probably only wear them once or twice.  I love how this girl wears the hot pink ones below. The color lets the pants do all the talking.  I think material also is a big factor to consider.  I saw a girl in the Copley Mall with long, black cottons ones and they were just all around wrong.  Notice how the ones below are silk.

Pictures from the Sartorialist.

I Want You to Vote!

I can be very indecisivie at times.  Right now its one of those times. Before I go off investing in a handbag, I usually try to ensure its exactly what I want. Since 1. they are expensive and I’ll be hanging onto them for hopefully a few seasons, and 2. I’ll be using it on quite a regular basis so I don’t want that constant guilty feeling lingering of, “should I have bought that?”

I’m in desperate, and I mean desperate, need of a new black handbag.  And after some serious hours dedicated to Internet research, I’ve come to two possible candidates.  What are your thoughts? I need something classic that I can wear both to work and on the weekends.

I liked the fact that the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag has an optional hook for a  shoulder strap.  If you haven’t noticed, shoulder straps are quite in this seasons, and not to mention they are one of a the few trends that are actually functional! To think they consider making our everyday lives a little easier! Thanks Rebecca.  The downside, the bag doesn’t come with the strap so I have to buy it on her site. That is a little cheap!

I came across the Botkier bag today and immediately loved it! I love bags with a little fringe, but no too much like the flower child bag Serena sported during season 1 of Gossip Girl.  The fringe is somewhat reminescent of a Balenciaga city bag, which is my ALL TIME FAVORITE handbag.  If I won the lottery tomorrow, it would be my first purchase. Which I thought used to be called the motorcycle? What’s up with that? I’ve been following this bag for years and I know they’ve changed their name!

Please vote!

Shoulder Pads – Are they that bad?

So I recently slammed Marc Jacobs for incorporating shoulder pads into his Fall 09.  I’m sure he has really lost sleep over my review.  Anyway, after seeing this pic on the Sartorialist they don’t look, well, all that bad.  Perhaps it just the look of the overall jacket and the fact the woman is wearing a fitted jacket, versus a bulky wool coat.  Or maybe its just because they’re French? Those damn Parisians may hate Americans, but they sure know how to make things look good.  Gotta love the leather pants. I think I’m warming up to this look.  What do you think? Am I crazy?