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I Scooped the Belted IKAT Dress on Gilt!

So I often complain how my sizes are always sold out 10 min into Gilt Groupe sales.  I don’t know how this always happens? But apparently there are thousands of other women, just my size, with just my taste, waiting until the clock strikes 12 noon so they can logon to Gilt rapidly and scoop up all the things I like! Well today it was my turn! HA, take that Gilt Groupe stalkers!  I had my eye on this dress since they announced the sale last week.  It was the item featured in their preview picture, although today they changed it to some blue tunic. Don’t like that.  I find they usually feature the best item of the collection in the preview pic.


I love this dress and cannot wait for it to come in the mail!  Its part linen, which I usually do not purchase, so I hope it doesn’t get too wrinkly. I hate that look! Its the main reason why I never wear linen.  Tracy Reese is pretty high quality, so I expect the linen is higher end. It even looks pretty thick in the photos, which means it shouldn’t wrinkle too bad. The only problem with living in Boston means this dress won’t potentially see the light of day until May, more likely June. I think I may be able to pull it off with an oatmeal cardi within the next month or so. No?

tracy-reese-fronttracy-reese-side-viewImage Source: Revolve Clothing


Recovering From Buyer’s Remose

This bag had a roundtrip back to Barney's

This bag had a roundtrip back to Barney's

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you should be aware that a) we’re in a recession, b) retailers are getting hit hard, and c) there are SALES, SALES, and more SALES.  Marc Jacobs winter coat 75%, yes please! Prada jodpurs that would have Ralph Lauren begging please – I’ll take one at 70% off.    Tahari riding boots half off – why thank you, so glad I picked up the last size 8.

Finding these 75% off deals at retailers like Barney’s, Neiman’s and Saks can throw any fashion lover into an absolute tizzy. Sale shopping can unveil some of man’s most inherent and primitive hunting instincts.  Pumping adrenaline, heighten senses, and a pounding heart are the typical symptoms of sale shopping.

Getting worked up about finding a great price can often blur judgment.  Even though the price is right, doesn’t mean the item is right for you.  I recently feel victim to sale frenzy and purchased myself a Marc Jacobs bag at $350 – down from $1400.  Honestly, how could someone walk out of Barney’s with leaving an MJ bag at 75%?

Not long after, I experienced a gulity wave that could only be described as Buyer’s Remose.  I liked the bag, just not on me.  It didn’t fit my wardrobe or my look.  Thank goodness Barney’s doesn’t live and die by final sale.  Getting that $350 off my credit card felt pretty damn good.

Lesson learned: Don’t buy something just because its a good deal. Normally I wouldn’t purchase a $350 handbag without thoroughly thinking through my decision.  Make sure it works for you and your wardrobe.  All and all, if you don’t love it, leave it.