Shoulder Pads – Are they that bad?

So I recently slammed Marc Jacobs for incorporating shoulder pads into his Fall 09.  I’m sure he has really lost sleep over my review.  Anyway, after seeing this pic on the Sartorialist they don’t look, well, all that bad.  Perhaps it just the look of the overall jacket and the fact the woman is wearing a fitted jacket, versus a bulky wool coat.  Or maybe its just because they’re French? Those damn Parisians may hate Americans, but they sure know how to make things look good.  Gotta love the leather pants. I think I’m warming up to this look.  What do you think? Am I crazy?



Current Cravings: Candy Bar Accessories

Just came across this website thanks to my Daily Candy daily email.  Its is called Candy Band and is chuck full of adorable girly accessories, ranging from headbands to hair clips and belts.  It looks as if they are channeling Blair Waldorf, but in my opinion they push the whole headband phenomenon to the next level making a little less conservative and a little more high style.  Thanks to Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl has created a headband craze has sent fashionistas from tweens and grown women into an absolute dizzy. I’m craving the Flora headband from the Spring Collection, but its sold out for the time being.


Currently Channeling: Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion lost one its legendary icons  last summer when Yves Saint Laurent died of brain cancer .  As a budding prodigy, Saint Laurent took the helm of the French fashion house, Christian Dior, at the  age of 21 when the couturier suddenly passed away on vacation. Saint Laurent later went on to build his own eponymous brand that he controlled until 2002 when Gucci’s Tom Ford took over as creative director.

The late designer is known for invigorating the fashion world in the 60s and early 70s with his sense for shrewd style, exacting cut and flattering forms that embodied French chic at its best.  Credited with the concept of ready-to-wear with the launch of Rive Gauche in 1966, Yves also brought the fashion world lasting classics that have made their way onto runways season-after-season.  YSL legacies that have inspired the likes of Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg,  and Ralph Lauren.  Below is a sartorial reflection back into the looks that were shown to us first by Yves Saint Laurent.  Each look is accompanied by a Yves Saint Laurent look for less.

The Mondrian Shift


Safari Chic


Le Smoking


Current Cravings: Minnetonka Boots

Lately, my friends have been all about the Minnetonka boots.  Fringe friendly Pochahontas inspired boots have been seen on celebrities from Mischa Barton to Jessica Szohr and Miley Cyrus.  Get the look with the offical moccasin outfitter,  Minnetonka.   The best part about these casual winter boots? They’re actually affordable.

Jessica Szohr Rocks the Minnetoka Moccasins

Jessica Szohr Rocks the Minnetoka Moccasins

Leighton Meester Spotted with Bangs

Leighton Meester has been spotted at Proenza Shouder’s runway show with bangs.  GASP!  Blair doesn’t wear bangs! Perhaps Meester is sick of being a hair slave to her on-screen persona and decided to do a little snip, snip.  Shes already dyed her hair brown for the part, which by the way is her natural hair color. Have you seen her blond? The horror. Some people are better off brunette.  I don’t know how I feel about this.  Maybe its Blair’s new “college” look.  You can’t really hide those things.  Trust me, I’ve tried.  Bobby pins don’t work, but I’m no celebrity hair stylist.  We’ll have to keep an eye out for Blair’s season 3 hairstyle. How are bangs going to look with headbands?

Leighton Meester with Bangs at Fashion Week

Leighton Meester with Bangs at Fashion Week

Style Spy: Jessica Stroup

Keep an eye on Jessica Stroup, as she could be emerging as the next, young fashionista to follow.  Just check out her debute at Fashion Week.  She looks like a sexy bullfighter in that cropped jacket ensemble.  She doesn’t even look like the same person from 90210.  Rock it Silver!jessica_stroup_silver_90210_style

Marc Jacobs Brings Back the Shoulder Pads

Um, can we just take a min out of post-fashion week media mania to discuss the horror that walked down Marc Jacob’s runway.  I mean really, shoulder pads? I thought we were through with them!? Yes, they made a slight comeback with Jennifer Connelly’s Balenciaga ads, but that was a couple seasons ago! Damn the fact fashion is cyclical.

I still have nightmares from outfits in the 80s my mother forced me to wear.  I begged and pleaded to cut out the shoulder pads, but she always insisted, “they gave the outfit shape.” Shape?! Shape?! Yea, if I want to look like a football player!

marc-jacobs-fall-09-hot-pink-coat marc-jacobs_green-fall-09-jacket marc-jacobs_fall_09_teal_coat

Now you know if MJ is doing it, then we must be onto something.  Just look at these coats. Would you buy one? Not to mention they are made in “hello look at me I just walked in the room, you couldn’t ignore me if you tried” colors.  I’ll gladly stick with my red, Marc Jacobs classic wool, as seen on Serena van der Woodsen, trench for another season.

Mine is in Red

Mine is in Red