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I Want You to Vote!

I can be very indecisivie at times.  Right now its one of those times. Before I go off investing in a handbag, I usually try to ensure its exactly what I want. Since 1. they are expensive and I’ll be hanging onto them for hopefully a few seasons, and 2. I’ll be using it on quite a regular basis so I don’t want that constant guilty feeling lingering of, “should I have bought that?”

I’m in desperate, and I mean desperate, need of a new black handbag.  And after some serious hours dedicated to Internet research, I’ve come to two possible candidates.  What are your thoughts? I need something classic that I can wear both to work and on the weekends.

I liked the fact that the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag has an optional hook for a  shoulder strap.  If you haven’t noticed, shoulder straps are quite in this seasons, and not to mention they are one of a the few trends that are actually functional! To think they consider making our everyday lives a little easier! Thanks Rebecca.  The downside, the bag doesn’t come with the strap so I have to buy it on her site. That is a little cheap!

I came across the Botkier bag today and immediately loved it! I love bags with a little fringe, but no too much like the flower child bag Serena sported during season 1 of Gossip Girl.  The fringe is somewhat reminescent of a Balenciaga city bag, which is my ALL TIME FAVORITE handbag.  If I won the lottery tomorrow, it would be my first purchase. Which I thought used to be called the motorcycle? What’s up with that? I’ve been following this bag for years and I know they’ve changed their name!

Please vote!