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Showdown of the Unflattering, Fashionable Pant

Harem Pant vs. Boyfriend Jean

Two very strange things are happening in the lower body region this Spring.  The fashion gods have once again rained down on us with not one, but two very unflattering pairs of pants that are marketed as this season’s front runners for lower extremity must haves.  These include:

1. The Harem Pant: Think I Dream of Jeanie.  They’re hammeresque, semi-drop crotch wonders.

2. The Boyfriend Jean: Think 90s grunge.  Ripped, baggy, washed out, and literally look like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s jeans.

Remember trapeze dresses, babydoll tops and high-waisted jeans?  Thanks to Jessica Simpson, that trend is now dead. Poor Jessica, she is not fat!   Just like the aforementioned fashions from seasons past, at first look these pants aren’t exactly body flattering, but with the right fit and proper accessorizing they can really work. But I can almost guarantee they’ll get so played out, we’ll be glad when they are gone, just like the other above styles. Can’t believe I wore trapeze dresses! They have no shape! Anyway, for the time being, these pants are very in and very right now.

Katie Holmes and a number of other celebrities were seen sporting the boyfriend jean this past fall, but the look wasn’t mass marketed till this spring when everyone from Current & Elliot to AX have adapted their own version. The boyfriend jean kind of reminds me of a variation I would’ve purchased a Abercrombie & Fitch freshman year of college.   You know, stone washed and ripped?  Most of the boyfriend jeans I’ve seen give you then no butt effect, which is why finding the perfect fit is essential.  I love that they can be styled with high heals, blazers and layered necklaces.  I probably would’ve wore my A&F jeans with some kind of cheeky, suggestive t-shirt. Oh how times have changed!

I’m having a bit harder time wrapping my head around the harem pants.  I think I was thrown off ever since I saw a model walk down the Ralph Lauren runway in gold, sequin harem pants.  Interesting but who is going to wear them?

The funny thing about these two looks is that I saw them on the streets of Florence about 4 1/2 years ago when I was studying abroad. Florence, unlike the high-fashion cities of Milan and Rome,  plays home to laid back style that transmits a Euro urban street chic.  Though those Italian boyfriend jeans weren’t exactly the same as this season’s (they had slightly more construction ), I do vividly remember harem pants being worn with gladiator sandals and tight tank tops.  Its all about proportion people! Have to balance those flowy pants out with something a little tighter on top.

I definately want to get myself a pair of the boyfriend jeans for summer.  However, I need to find the perfect pair thats not to baggy.  I love how this Milan woman wears them below.  If I could only find out the brand!

I still can’t make up my mind on Harem pants. I feel likes its one of those things I may look on from a far. I think they are too hard to fit, and is not worth trying to find the perfect pair when I’d probably only wear them once or twice.  I love how this girl wears the hot pink ones below. The color lets the pants do all the talking.  I think material also is a big factor to consider.  I saw a girl in the Copley Mall with long, black cottons ones and they were just all around wrong.  Notice how the ones below are silk.

Pictures from the Sartorialist.